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“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Mann and her staff! She put me in braces as an adult and both of my kids are under her care now. One is in currently in first set of braces, and the other is in between first and second sets.
“We all love going to visit the office on a regular basis because it feels like home to us. They are warm and friendly and genuinely interested in their patients as people. No waiting when you get there, never a lot of people in her office at the same time. They truly care about what is going on in our lives, school, work, activities, vacations, etc.
“Dr. Mann takes time with each patient, talks to the parent about the plan and progress, knows everyone’s names.... This is a small personal business where you feel loved. She even has freshly baked cookies and sugar-free gum for the kids. :-)
“Dr. Mann is extremely competent and I have full confidence in her treatment. Her office runs very professionally, so she balances the business and the treatment with ease.
“We are lucky to have Dr. Mann and staff in our lives. They are blessing to us.”

“We have many orthodontists nearby, but we travel 40 minutes round-trip for Dr. Jyoti Mann’s care instead. Why? She does not run ‘conveyor belt’ care we experienced in other ortho practices — with video games in the lobby, staff with no answers to questions, and little interaction with the doctor. No, no, no. Dr. Mann treats my kids as the most special people to her during their appointments. She talks to them, engages them, amuses them with her humor ... all the while providing the most meticulous and competent care we’ve ever had. My daughters love her and follow her instructions; I would even say she mentors them and models for them what warmth, professionalism, and patient care looks like. She even has fresh cookies in her waiting room, just for a mental picture of her inviting practice. (My oldest had her Phase 1 ortho care with another doctor, but her Phase 2 was with Dr. Mann; my youngest had Phase 1 & 2 with Dr. Mann.) Other practices gave us wide ballpark ranges for the cost, while Dr. Mann was upfront, accurate, specific with her reasonable cost in our first free consult. Dr. Mann’s experience means that my kids are getting the best care in the least amount of time with the most wonderful doctor we are blessed to know.”

“My daughter got her braces done with Dr. Mann.
“Dr Mann is a skilled perfectionist, very good with kids, and the entire staff is very friendly. Dental team is kind-hearted and well organized. Staff is very nice, cooperative, and honest.
“We are very happy with the treatment and would highly recommend her. If you are looking for an orthodontist, this is the right one.”


“Dr. Jyoti Mann runs a professional and efficient orthodontic practice. She treated both of my daughters, and I feel that they received meticulous care. From the very first visit, Dr. Mann and her staff made us all feel welcome. They explained every step of my daughters’ treatments clearly and concisely, along with the costs of those treatments. Dr. Mann also makes sure her young patients understand they are responsible for taking good care of their teeth, braces, and retainers. Yet when those inevitable mistakes do occur and brackets are broken or retainers are damaged, Dr. Mann is kind to her patients and is available even on weekends if a real orthodontic emergency takes place. My daughters both liked the fact that Dr. Mann and her technicians took the time to get to know them, where they went to school and what activities they enjoyed. As a working mom, I appreciated the fact that Dr. Mann doesn’t over-schedule herself, and appointments run on schedule. Danette, her competent and friendly receptionist, is great with appointment reminders and rescheduling.
If you are searching for a caring, excellent orthodontist in the Plano area, look no farther. I’m sure Dr. Mann will do a great job for you.”


“Dr. Mann listened to my concerns, was so easy to talk to, and has a great personality. I am 47 years old and am getting braces for the first time. It has been a very pleasant experience due to the staff and Dr. Mann. I would highly recommend Dr. Mann to anyone ... young or old.”


“Both my kids had extensive orthodontic treatment over more than vie years and they have beautiful smiles — Dr Mann is personable, caring, sensible, calm and extremely professional. She knows kids and knows orthodontics; every step of the treatment is carefully explained and options given always with sensitivity to time and finances. Everyone who works here is very competent and professional, and extremely helpful and accommodating — never a wait time for appointments. Dr Mann is genuine and really looks after each child and each patient. I have recommended several friends with great results; they are always very happy with the results.
“About front desk: Danette is the most incredibly efficient front desk person ever. She always smiles and deals with delays or rescheduling with calm, friendly efficiency. She is so organized and always remembers even small details about kids’ families. It is always a pleasure to see her! This front desk is the gold standard in customer service!”


“Excellent orthodontist!!! My teeth looked outstanding, and the whole staff was very nice and welcoming.”


“I had my braces put on by Dr. Mann twelve years ago (when I was in 7th grade). She not only did a GREAT job on my teeth as an orthodontist (and corrected my overbite) but she was also a mentor and friend to me. She was always cracking jokes and laughing whenever I came to her office — she always made going for a monthly braces check-up fun.”


“Very nice and professional. I went to Doctor Mann for five years while I had braces and she was incredibly supportive during a time that was very difficult for me.”


“Dr. Mann has treated my two teenage children. I would highly recommend her and her office staff to anyone looking for a great orthodontist. They were upfront about the treatment needed, the costs, the expectations and everything else that we needed to know to make an informed choice. We were VERY happy with the results with our children.
About front desk: Love the office staff. Very helpful, pleasant, and professional!”


“My pediatrician recommended Dr. Mann and I am so glad she did! Both of my children have seen Dr. Mann for phase 1 and phase 2 of their orthodontic journey. She has always personally attended to their care and visits with them as she adjusts their braces or retainers. When she learned that my daughter had an interest in studying orthodontia, Dr. Mann spent time mentoring her to help her understand the profession. The treatments were a complete success and my children often receive inquiries about who their orthodontist was because their smiles are so beautiful. I highly recommend Dr. Mann and her superb level of personal care.”